Healthy Crawlspace ... Healthy Home

Ever heard of sick house syndrome? Well over the years it has been identified that crawlspaces are linked directly to many health and respiratory issues, because damp dirty crawlspaces overtime become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, mold and allergens.

Crawlspaces can also be responsible for critical energy consumption due to air leaks in the floor assembly and foundation allowing cold air to enter the crawlspace in cold months and high humidity and hot temperatures during summer months.

A well encapsulated, well insulated crawlspace can reduce energy, improve home comfort and improve home health while adding significant value to your home.

Useful Tips – Crawl Space Repairs, Insulation & Moisture

Install a full plastic membrane or a concrete slab on every crawlspace floor. Properly seal & insulate foundation walls.This is the number one preventive measure that in most cases is much more useful than ventilation.

  • Do not build so that the seasonal high water table or floods rise above the footings. This is a condition that requires a completely open crawlspace or a building on pilings.
  • If the footings stand in water or get wet seasonally, provide a capillary break between the footers and the foundation walls.
  • Carefully install and test water and waste piping, making sure that there are no leaks at the joints 
  • Do not locate vent fan exhausts, dryer exhausts in the crawlspace unless the are properly sealed and insulated to avoid condensation.
  • Create positive surface drainage around the home, and make sure gutters and downspouts are directing water away from the foundation.

WeatherMasters offers a line of high quality crawl space encapsulation vapor barrier, insulation, drain systems, sump pumps flood alarms, and humidity controls to improve the health and efficiency of your crawl space!!

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 Marylin  Paxton 

Bloomington, IN

I had my crawlspace encapsulated and insulated two years ago. My floors are so much warmer and my utility bills went down from what they were running in previous months. I'm just so thankful I had this work done by such a great bunch of guys. They really took care of me!