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Learn how drafty homes can affect energy bills in the video below

Research Modern "Building Science" before making a buying decision!!

For decades now, the building and remodeling industry has been going about a lot of things the wrong way, and because of this, customers are left on the hook paying out additional money every month for higher energy bills, their home comfort is not as good as it should be, the life span of heating and cooling equipment is shortened and in many cases homes will require expensive repairs due to moisture issues that effect the building assembly.

It's not the builders fault that so much of this information about Green Building has been so slow to evolve and building codes are still behind reaching goals of better home efficiency... But there are new means and methods available today that will improve home comfort, ensure healthy air quality and give you a great return on the investments for these upgrades by saving on the energy needed to heat and cool your home.

The video below demonstrates the safety characteristics of cellulose insulation 

Larry Lundy 


You don't run into companies like Weathermasters everyday.  They are hard to get out to give estimates, but I can see why they stay busy. The  owner was helpful and the crews were great to have at our home. It's been a year now since they installed a new heat pump and furnace, put  new vapor barrier in the crawlspace, insulated the crawl and attic and my home is so much easier to heat now. I used to have small heaters in a  couple of rooms, but don't need them now. I leave the thermostat at 68 and the home is very comfortable and the furnace doesn't run all the  time like it used to. The crew was so pleasant to be around, I hated to see the guys go!!!

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