Home Weatherization


Home Air-Sealing

 According  to Department of Energy, air infiltration is responsible for as much as  40% of the energy loss occurring in existing homes and buildings. One of the most important things you can do to lower energy consumption is to make sure your home is properly air sealed throughout the building envelope (Framing).  

Air  infiltration allows the air outside your home and pollution to filter its way into the home through the walls, attic and crawlspace or basement. Ex-filtration means the conditioned air you are paying for can easily leak out the out of your home through these same components of your building envelope.

Poorly insulated drafty homes create additional stress on heating and cooling equipment, so besides paying higher monthly energy bills, premature maintenance expenses and equipment replacement cost can add to the overall cost of home ownership.  We encourage our customers to research the new field of Building Science before making important long lasting buying decision 

 Tina B. 

Bedford, IN

Our home has always been very drafty during the winters. The furnace kicks on and off constantly, and the AC never seems to shut off during the summer. We called different companies to get help with our problem and it was obvious WeatherMasters has a better understanding of home energy efficiency. They air sealed our home and added insulation and from that day on our home has been a different place.

Go WeatherMasters!!! 

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