Heating & Cooling

Zach Flynn 

Bedford, IN

I can't thank the team at WeatherMasters enough for the excellent customer service, knowledge and expertise they provided. They helped me find the right system at an affordable price. I will definitely be using them again in the near future and I will recommend them to anyone in the area.

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Is Your Heating & Cooling System Right For Your Home?

There's a lot of aspects to achieving home energy efficiency, and we pride ourselves on sharing what we have learned over the past decade as a building performance contractor in the field of heating & cooling.

It's a pretty simple concept once you begin looking at a home as a total system with several sub systems that need to work together to achieve and maintain the highest efficiency, comfort and home health.

It begins with having an air tight building shell, properly installed insulation, sufficient ventilation, proper vapor barriers and a heating and cooling system that fits these home conditions.

If an HVAC system is too large for a home, it will not cycle properly causing premature deterioration of the heat exchanger, and in the summer an oversized AC unit will lack the ability to remove moisture and humidity. Undersized equipment will have to work overtime wearing out sooner leading to early maintenance and replacement cost.

The most expensive equipment on the market cannot reduce energy consumption to a home that is leaking $$$$. We encourage our customers to research the new field of Building Science before making important long lasting buying decision.