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Insulation Removal

We don’t always recommend the removal of existing insulation, but there are situations when this should be considered.

  • Insulation products can break down over time becoming less effective than new
  • Contamination from bats / rodents leaving fecal matter effecting human health


  • When mold is discovered on roof decking, framing or under existing insulation
  • If the attic is insulated with a hazardous form of vermiculite containing asbestos


Vermin love to nest in attics, and often leave behind harmful bacteria from fecal matter that can turn to airborne spores that contaminate a homes air supply.  Removing affected insulation, cleansing with a strong germicide, and closing off openings to prevent further infestation may be needed to ensure a healthy attic space. Check with your insurance company to see if coverage is provided for these types of damages.

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