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Commercial ozone generators replicate conditions that naturally occur in our atmosphere to purify the air we breathe, and they are used to sterilize, decontaminate and deodorize homes and businesses where conventional cleaning systems fail.

Ozone treatments are used to sterilize indoor air handlers and ducts systems that continuously recylce hazardous contaminants. Ozone treatments are also effective at killing organic toxic compounds such as mold spores, bacterial and viral infections, while eradicating spiders, dust mites, bed bugs and rodents and other vermin.

High Powered Ozone Shock Treatment

Pet odors
Cooking odors
Odors in carpets and upholstery
Musty smells in crawlspaces and basements

We initially had WeatherMasters insulate the attic in our existing home. We were so pleased with our experience we had them do our HVAC work as well. They installed a new heat pump system to the home which did not have existing central air. They also replaced the entire duct work system in the home.
Member Comments:
Each person worked very hard to help us select the best HVAC system for our specific needs. I had so many questions and they researched extensively for each question and every option.
When they did the HVAC work they were punctual and professional. They worked well beyond normal hours just to finish the job on time when we ran into extra issues.
We are extremely pleased with all of the work and the company follow up post install as well.
I recommend WeatherMasters.
Clair Swallow

Bloomington, IN