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Heat Pumps & Furnaces

Heat pumps are among the latest in energy-efficient and cooling technology with the capability of providing conditioned air long into the cold months so we can avoid using electric or gas furnaces that typically more expensive to operate. Today’s furnaces themselves are far more efficient than those of the past, and when properly maintained, they should last many years without the threat of breakdown or malfunction …. but key to this is your building envelope!

In other words, you can have the most expensive, modern, and sophisticated heat and cooling system installed and still lose a significant amount of the energy, because your heating and cooling equipment can only perform as well as the other systems within the building envelope! A properly sealed building shell and a seamless thermal boundary will provide a higher level of comfort, while preventing excessive equipment use, high maintenance cost, or early equipment replacement.

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"We initially had WeatherMasters insulate the attic in our existing home. We were so pleased with our experience we had them do our HVAC work as well. They installed a new heat pump system to the home which did not have existing central air. They also replaced the entire duct work system in the home. Member Comments: Each person worked very hard to help us select the best HVAC system for our specific needs. I had so many questions and they researched extensively for each question and every option. When they did the HVAC work they were punctual and professional. They worked well beyond normal hours"

Rachel Brown Bedford, IN