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Vented Crawlspaces

Traditionally, the most common method of dealing with with moisture in crawlspaces – and one of the longest methods endorsed by building codes has been to ventilate them…. But today we know differently, because research shows vented crawlspaces can be magnets for moisture, mold and rot.

If a crawlspace is warm and humid, fungus will grow on any surface that is slightly porous or dirty. Even in relatively dry crawlspaces, humid air can gravitate through foundation vents to provide enough moist air for bacterial colonies to thrive on, and as these microorganisms can enter the living space through floors, open bypasses in the framing, and and through unsealed air ducts.

Conditioned Crawlspaces

Encapsulating and sealing off vents to your dirt floor crawlspace can provide better control over the climate and condition of the area below your living space. Conditioned crawlspaces are cleaner, brighter, healthier and more energy efficient. These measures can improve comfort and add significant value to your investment.

Useful Tips – Crawl Space insulation Repair Bloomington IN

  • Install a full plastic membrane or a concrete slab on every crawlspace floor. This is the number one preventive measure that in most cases is much more useful than ventilation.
  • Do not build so that the seasonal high water table or floods rise above the footings. This is a condition that requires a completely open crawlspace or a building on pilings.
  • If the footings stand in water or get wet seasonally, provide a capillary break between the footers and the foundation walls.
  • Carefully install and test water and waste piping, making sure that there are no leaks at the joints or punctures.
  • Take effective measures to prevent ice dams, including adding sufficient attic insulation.
  • Provide positive weeps at masonry veneers.
  • Do not locate vent fan exhausts, dryer exhausts in the crawlspace unless the are properly insulated to avoid condensation.
  • Create positive surface drainage around the home, and ensure gutters and downspouts are directly water away from the foundation.



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