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Air Sealing

According to Department of Energy and numerous studies available today, air infiltration is responsible for as much as 40% of the energy loss occurring in existing homes and buildings. One of the most important things you can do to lower energy consumption, prevent moisture issues, and ensure better building health is to have a properly sealed building envelope.
Air leakage throughout the building envelope allows condensation to occur that soaks building materials over time, which is one of the causes that promotes mold growth in crawlspaces, attics, and within wall assemblies.

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This photo was taken in an attic showing an opening that was originally framed out to allow mechanical piping to be installed through the ceiling from inside the home. This is typically a method used to hide mechanical, electrical and plumbing, but it creates a huge opening that allows air to escape on a continual basis. Areas like these must be sealed and insulated to improve building efficiency.

Air infiltration can weaken insulation properties, and will often cause our heating and cooling equipment to run longer and breakdown sooner.



"WeatherMasters is a little hard to get ahold of and that's my only complaint. But when you learn why they are so busy, you realize they are worth waiting on! We had a few companies that showed up right away to quote the job, but WeatherMasters mentioned things during our phone conversation that caused me to thiink about the condition of our home. When they arrrived it was more like an inspection than it was them providing us with an estimate."

Faye Chestnut